you’re invited: 8 gift ideas under R200 for 2 year olds

it’s official. with being new parents we’ve entered into the children’s birthday parties phase. it is a totally different avenue for us. finding a gift for little ones can be difficult. it is quite unpredictable what will resonate with kids these days. all i know is what a 6 month old would want, and that is anything they can grip and put into their mouths to soothe their itching gums.

shopping for a toddler can be tricky, you need to be creative and you will have to be on point when buying toys, because honestly a toddler wouldn’t give an item of clothing a second glance. also, you want to buy gifts that will enhance play as well and focus on education with a fun twist. but, as toddlers are beginning to be more mobile and will probably likely be dragging and pulling toys along, think of gifts like building, pull-along, carrying around and easy to move around.

gift guide pin

 1. books | 2. ice-cream_voucher | 3. wooden abacus | 4. xylophone | 5. play-doh | 6. duplo lego | 7. barney backpack | 8. tunnel tent

here i have compiled a gift guide i thought would be useful for a two year old (our first kiddies party as new parents) as well as being budget friendly. i have made a selection of musical, motor skills, wooden, imaginative, modern and exciting toys that will certainly grab your toddlers attention.

1. books

i like the idea of gifting a book. i think of the bonding between parent and child. i think of the excitement of the child choosing which book they want to read at that time. i think of the memories i had when my mother would read bible stories to us as children at bed time, i can still remember the pictures. books are also great for the imagination and brain stimulation and  it helps to expand the child’s vocabulary.

2. vouchers

i thought an ice-cream voucher is quite unique. imagine the child’s face when having to redeem the voucher and making their own selection. and really. who doesn’t love ice-cream? download your free printable ice-cream_voucher here

3. wooden abacus

abacus is the perfect first educational toy. i love that it still looks like a toy but is also functional in helping with problem solving. can you tell i love making education fun?

4. xylophone

a musical instrument is always a good idea. sound and colour plays an important role in development in early childhood. musical instruments inspires toddlers to play and learn and i have found that many stores does stock xylophones, they are a great instrument to start with in regard to an investment in music.

5. play-doh

play-doh let’s kids play and use their imagination and creativity all together. it is also non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic except for children who are allergic to wheat gluten

6. lego duplo

i think this is a great “starter pack” for lego. think of lego’s younger siblings. it will play a good role in your child’s growth and development from an early age. the pieces are also bigger and easier to handle with little hands

7. novelty toys

i love this as a gift, because for me the parents or someone close to the child will buy them their first barney plush, so the next best thing would be the barney plush BUT it’s a bag as well. WHAT?! yes. i love when things do double duty. the size is also perfect for a toddler and teaches them responsibility carrying it around and they get to put things in their backpack too.

8. tunnel tent

no matter the weather, this gift will let your little one’s imagination come to life. this play tent is great for pretend play and easy to store when it is not in use. your little one sure will have hours of fun even indoors. i have also seen a cheaper version here.

i hope this gift guide was helpful for you. this selection was hand picked, and i will most probably use this as a go to guide for future birthdays of this age group. these items just does not age. for this party i chose the barney backpack mainly because the invitation was barney themed.



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