How to easily remove poop stains

if you don’t have kids yet, this post is actually for you too. i actually use a bit in all my washing to remove any stains i have missed, and keeps our clothes bright and fresh and stain free. however this post is baby related. ever had that up the backer experience? gross! i know. my first thought would be to toss the garment out with the tough stains. but babies go through so many grows and vests and clothes it is not the most economical option.

my fuss free easiest solution! Vanish

i’ve found the best solution that works for me and getting my family’s clothes and especially that mustard mess right out. the clothes looks fresh and like new again without using those harsh chemicals.

so with a new born, the inevitable up the backers will occur. from time to time i just don’t know what it is with a wiggly little and the placement of the poo. you’d think they had just had an explosion but nope! they had just decided to wreck your sleep deprived life a bit more and give you work to do like trying to get stains out of clothes. urg! but….

i’ve found that vanish liquid fabric stain remover is the best to use when getting that mustard stains out.


all i do is rinse the garment first then pour some vanish in a bucket with water and hand wash the stain out, it literally takes me 10 minutes. once the stain is out i put the clothes in with the normal load to wash together. i kid you not. it is that simple. you will never know there ever was a stain. you feel so proud taking that clothes off the line and try to figure out which one actually had the stain.


so true to their slogan “trust pink, forget stains”.

there is a whole range of vanish products for all different stains, you get it in powder and liquid form, and what i love about this product is that it is chlorine bleach free and works well on colour and white clothes and smells good too. this had really been a life saver for me with regard to laundry and preserving baby clothes and keeps them looking fresh and new.

this is my tip, seriously. try it the next time you are faced with any stain or even the next time you do your laundry….


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