printable clothing dividers

ever heard that saying “they grow so fast”? so true. one hundred percent. many times i have heard parents say they forgot about clothes they had bought before their babies were born or been gifted clothes and put it away and ended up never having baby wear the clothes. it happens. it really does. it is such a pity though, those tiny clothes are just so darn cute.

when setting up baby’s cupboard and clothes i find that hanging the clothes is such a space saver and also, you can see the clothes easier and it’s more easily accessible. having received so much clothes at the baby shower i needed to keep sane and organized, i then put all the clothes in groups and hung them in sections according to their sizes and came across these dividers and just the practicality and simplicity of it really is such a great idea. totally.

when i was pregnant i got such valuable advice all over, one piece really stuck with me that i implement still and it’s been working so well. i only keep a limited amount of clothes in a specific size that she’ll wear in that say three months. unless it’s a really good deal i’ll buy the bigger size.

with that being said, i’ve made a set for you to download these neutral clothing size tags for your little one. it is so super easy to just sort and categorize your little ones clothes and to just grab in a hurry in times of those emergencies. clothing size tags.jpg

download clothing size dividers here.

simply download the PDF, print on card stock and cut out.



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