“A year from now you will wish you had started today…”

that quote right there gets me all the time. at least it has not been a year since my first post. i have wanted to write this post for the longest time. when i wrote my first post, i did not think it would have taken me eight months to right the next one. and right now i am sitting with my almost three month old baby girl. but hey! so much has happened since then and there is so much i want to share about my experience and what i have learned along the way with you new moms.

firstly, when i started this blog i was pregnant and doing so much research about pregnancy, babies, tips and tricks, etc and still with all the information out there you still find that you will find your own style going about it, and that is why i thought i could maybe just help even one person or mom…

being a first time mom my brain was absorbing information like a sponge and i wanted everything perfect and wanted to get the best products according to my budget of course before the baby arrives but we all know nothing will be perfect, and does not happen according to our plan but we accept it. i researched from the development of the growing baby inside me, to what to eat and not to eat and what to buy and things i wish i had known but was never told.

and gosh! (on a side note) how things have changed. let me just say WOW! to the awesome products on the market to make our lives a million times easier.

so, when i found out i was pregnant, the first thing that scared me was the inevitable expenses that would add up in the first year. two of the biggest concerns for me were health care for myself and the baby and of course the big expense of nappies.

with that being said, we are so spoiled for choice with the range of disposable nappies and the variety of features that they have to the oh so cute cloth ones. we had decided to go with the disposable option (because with a newborn i knew i did not have the energy or the time to wash and dry them despite them being cost effective and environmentally friendly).

with money we had saved up we waited till the baby expo came to town where we knew we would get good prices on most of the baby products we had our eye on. with our savings we then bought ALL the nappies we worked out for the baby’s first year, some may say that is crazy but i do not regret that decision one bit today.

i worked according to this table from babies are us and it has worked out exceptionally well for us and needless to say we saved a ton. i would highly recommend buying in bulk ahead of time, after all it saves you from running to the supermarket to buy nappies every month or even when you run out of nappies in the middle of the month.

so keep an eye out for the mama magic exhibitions in your town this year

Joburg Winter 18-21 May

Durban Expo 25 – 27 August

Cape Town Expo 27-29 October

Joburg Summer 30 Nov- 3 December


no matter what, there is no better time to start than right now, today. it is easy to determine that you will start tomorrow or the next day, but a journey of many miles starts with a single first step… a year from now you will wish that you had started.

So here’s to that first step!



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